Managing COVID-19

COVID-19 has made things challenging for the entire community. Thankfully, Lou has not shown any signs of infection of COVID-19 and will continue to operate unless that changes. Should you order a commission or piece of artwork from her store, you will be advised if Lou is being tested for COVID-19 or has contracted the virus.

The following steps have been implemented to ensure all customers and suppliers are protected as best possible to minimise any risks of contracting COVID-19. 

    1. All paintings for purchase can be done so on-line only. If you have seen a painting in the window of a gallery or local homewares and wish to purchase it, please get in contact with Lou via email at so we can organise to have it couriered to you

    2. The sides of paintings will be wiped down lightly with methylated spirits prior to being despatched. This will have no impact on the painting materials or quality whether the painting is framed or not

    3. Local (Melbourne Metro) artwork will be delivered by Lou instead of a Courier company and she will be wearing a mask and disposable gloves. This minimises the risk of including a 3rd party (additional human!) into the mix! 

    4. All deliveries to customers will be contact less. This means the artwork will not be taken into the home by Lou but will be left on the doorstep once Lou can see you are home and have answered the door. Don't worry, it won't be left in the front garden or on the porch for someone to steal! :)

    5.  All interstate deliveries will have artwork wrapped in the highest grade protective bubble wrap which will have been wiped down lightly with methylated spirits by Lou using disposable gloves. There will be contactless delivery by all courier drivers who come to pick up artwork before arriving at your door

    6. All art supplies needed to produce artwork have been ordered on-line and delivered to Lou via contact-less delivery methods.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lou via